Cultivating Quality Cannabis

Our mission and purpose are deeply rooted in our commitment to
growing and sharing benchmark quality cannabis, utilizing—at
every step in the process—the concentrated care and expertise
essential to cultivating premium product worthy enough to share. As proud leaders in the industry, we are just passionate about what we grow.


Life-long Friendship

Monterey Tilth Farm, at the heart of it, is simply the harvest of a life-long friendship between three kids from Nyack, New York who grew up together and later cultivated their shared passion for cannabis. We are Christina, Zak and Emiliano. In many ways, we’ve always been into weed. We bonded over it, we studied it, we experimented and tinkered with it, and we used a lot of it.


In 2016, our increased know-how, years of experience, and commitment to the craft inspired us to go big—we’re serious about making sure that everyone has access to the good stuff. So we moved to the fertile Salinas Valley in California and broke ground on Monterey Tilth Farm.


Today, we’re proud to be one of the top five cultivators in the state. And, even with our growth and success, we remain firmly committed to only grow the best weed that we can. This is what drives us—grow good weed; share it with everyone.



Have a question or special request? We'd love to hear from you so don't hesitate in reaching out today. Email us at info@montereytilthfarm.com or call (831) 471-7540.


At Monterey Tilth Farm, our high-quality cannabis is the product of the combined mastery and synergy of many weed-savvy minds. We're hell-bent on growing quality weed—the kind that you’d be proud to share with a friend—and get it out to those who are looking for it. On any given day, our light-assisted greenhouse plants are being harvested, skillfully cured, lovingly hand-trimmed and packaged by our team of weed masters.

Monterey Tilth Farm is the exclusive producer for our two brands; if you're looking for Great Weed at a Great Price check out The Weed Brand or perhaps a premium craft brand is more your style, Paradiso Gardens is only a puff away to finding your paradise.


Integrity and Expertise




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